Flying snakes — for real. Above, moments from biologist Jake Socha’s TEDxVirginiaTech talk on the aerodynamics behind the flight of the Chrysopelea snake species, a type of snake that doesn’t need to board a plane with Samuel L. Jackson to get airborne.

Socha explains how snakes turn themselves into gliders through some very unique techniques, including flattening their bodies to transform their shape into a wing, undulating constantly to create stability in their motions, and launching themselves into the air by pushing away from tree branches.

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(Snake footage courtesy of Jake Socha and National Geographic)

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Watch out: These snakes can fly! Though rare — National Geographic reports that there are only five recognized species of flying snake in the world — they are real.

Many people’s worst nightmare, these remarkable animals don’t need to board a plane with Samuel L. Jackson to get airborne. At TEDxVirginiaTech, snake expert Jake Socha explains just how these extraordinary animals stay aloft. If snake aerodynamics is anything to go by, we need to continue to look at nature for inspiration in design:

(Photos: Top: Left, Aspundir, Right, N. Sivasothi; Bottom: National Geographic)