Meet the movers and shakers of the pollination biz

Pollination is vital to life on earth, but most pollinators are so nimble and quick that we never quite see them in action. In his visually stunning TED Talk, filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg shows us a close-up view of the intricate world of pollen and pollinators. 

Watch the full talk here »

Awwww, we can’t stop watching that li’l bee do its li’l wiggle. Go, bee, go!

For even more stunning images of our natural world, watch Louie’s TEDxSF talk, “Nature. Beauty. Gratitude.” here.

Our favorite moment:

What happens when you ask a synthetic biologist to mix you up a cocktail? You learn how to isolate strawberry DNA. (The sticky stuff on the toothpick up there.)

Wanna know how to make a strawberry DNA cocktail yourself? We’ve got you covered.

In this animated how-to video, TED Fellow / synthetic biologist Oliver Medvedik shows you how to use pineapple juice and Bacardi 151 to isolate strawberry DNA for a very nerdy adult beverage. Watch the whole thing here»

A biology lesson and a cocktail recipe in one? You’re welcome. Drink responsibly and read more about the video here.