Afternoon video break (this time in Arabic!): Take a ride through the city of Riyadah, Saudi Arabia with this super cool event trailer made by the TEDxRiyadh team.

Over 130 volunteers came together to make TEDxRiyadh a success. For those of you who don’t speak Arabic, here’s the English translation of the video’s text:

More than 22 speakers

More than 130 volunteers

More than 26 team members

All of them … gathered … to share ideas worth spreading!

(Video credit: Abdullah Al-Ahmari)

Like 3D printers? Beautifully shot videos? TEDx? Then hit play to check out TEDxCoMo's wonderfully whimsical event promo, which features University of Missouri student Alex Madinger's living-room-assembled 3D printer in action.

From the organizers:

TEDx magnetizes the creativity in a community, drawing together a convergence of modern thinkers who wish to create a better future…Seeing this reaction, time and again, makes the theme of next month’s TEDxCoMo [“Feedback”] entirely too relevant as the speakers will only fire up new ideas by sharing their stories. Come to the Missouri Theater on April 6, 2013 to be a part of the next cyclical growth of ingenuity.

MUSIC: Tim Pilcher
GRAPHIC DESIGN: Jacob Derryberry

For more on TEDxCoMo, visit their website.