Welcome to the first TEDx playlist in Arabic: 4 talks in Arabic

مرحبا بكم في أول قائمة تشغيل لمحادثات TEDx باللغة العربية.

We are very pleased to publish our first playlist in Arabic! This is only the beginning, we have other exciting Arabic language plans in development, including the launch of TED.com in Arabic later this month!

يسرّنا نشر أول قائمة تشغيل باللغة العربية! نرجو أن تستمتعوا بهذه الباقة المختارة من المحادثات من أرجاء العالم العربي. هذه مجرد البداية، لدينا خطط أخرى تهم اللغة العربية في طور التطوير، بما في ذلك إطلاق موقع TED.com باللغة العربية في سبتمبر المقبل!

But in the meantime, enjoy our selection of talks from the Arab world, spanning topics from how to deal with sexism in Tahrir Square to pondering ways to tackle important mathematical and philosophical questions in academia.

Presenting on TV against all odds: Ali Taleb Almarrany at TEDxSanaa 2012
Growing up in Yemen under extreme poverty, Ali Taleb Almarrany lost an eye in a tragic firearm accident in the ninth grade. At TEDxSanaa, he tells the story of how this tragedy led him to his biggest success: becoming a TV journalist, despite the odds. Clocking in at more than 1,000,000 views and still going strong, this talk is not to be missed. (Filmed in Arabic with subtitles in English.)

لدى نشأته في اليوم في ظروف الفقر المدقع، فقد علي طالب المراني عينا في حادث سلاح ناري مأساوي حين كان في المرحلة التاسعة. وفي هذه المحادثة من TEDxSanaa يخبرنا كيف أن هذه المأساة قادته إلى أعظم نجاح: أن يصير صحافي تلفزيونيا، على الرغم من كل الصعوبات. حظت هذه المحادثة التي لا ينبغي تفويتها بأكثر من 1,000,000 مشاهدة، والعدد في تزايد. (تم التصوير باللغة العربية بترجمة نصية إنجليزية).

The invisible patriarchy in public space: Sarrah Abdelrahman at TEDxKafrElsheikh
At TEDxKafrElsheikh, Sarrah Abdelrahman describes how she decided to stand up to the police officer who harassed her in Tahrir Square and how she created a video that encourages other women to speak up against sexism in public spaces in Egypt.

تصف ساره عبد الرحمن في TEDxKafrElsheikh كيف قررت أن تقبل في وجه ضابط الشرطة الذي تحرّش بها في ميدان التحرير وكيف قامت بإنشاء فيديو يشجع النساء الأخريات على رفع أصواتهم في مواجهة التمييز الجنسي في الفضاءات العامة في مصر.

Peace journalism: Vanessa Bassil at TEDxLAU
In this rousing talk at TEDxLAU, Vanessa Bassil discusses the importance of transparency in journalism and encourages journalists to practice honest journalism in the field. (Filmed in Arabic with subtitles in English.)

تناقش فانيسا باسيل في هذه المحادثة المثيرة من TEDxLAU، أهمية الشفافية في الصحافة وتشجع الصحفيين على ممارسة الصحافة الشريفة في الميدان. (تم التصوير باللغة العربية بترجمة نصية إنجليزية).

الفاعلية: Elsheikh Mohamed Elsheikh at TEDxKhartoum
At TEDxKhartoum, well-known academic Elsheikh Mohamed Elsheikh discusses how sometimes really big questions can only be answered by looking through an interdisciplinary prism. (Filmed in Arabic with subtitles in Arabic.)

اديمي المعروف الشيخ محمد الشيخ، في TEDxKhartoum، كيف أنه أحيانا من الممكن الإجابة عن الأسئلة الكبيرة حقا، فقط من خلال النظر عبر موشور متعدد التخصصات. (تم التصوير باللغة العربية بترجمة نصية إنجليزية).

Translation by Khalid Marbou.

TEDxKhartoum’s Our Sudan video inspires a new generation of Sudanese youth

A year ago, political scientist Tarig Hilal captivated the audience at TEDxKhartoum with the story of the Sudan he saw — not a place of violent strife, political unrest or pervasive poverty, but a country of beautiful natural landscapes, a rich history and a hopeful generation of changemakers ready to turn a new chapter in their country’s history.

“I’m going to tell you a story,” he says in his talk, “It is the story of a generation. My generation. It is a story of our romance with the past, with the losses of our age, and a hope for the future.” He describes an old Sudan of “wide open boulevards and tree-lined streets … trains that ran on time … and jazz nights by the Nile,” a recent Sudan of diaspora, food queues and “shattered sidewalks,” and then a future Sudan of hope and promise.

After it appeared online, Hilal’s talk inspired so many responses from Sudanese youth — moved by Hilal’s call to action to “believe that the future is not a matter of what will be, but what could … [to] dream a new dream, the dream of our generation” — that the organizers of TEDxKhartoum were motivated to do something more. They wanted to do something involving the people of the country in which Hilal so believes: to transpose the conversation into a film.

With TEDxKhartoum organizer Anwar Dafa-Alla as executive producer, a Kickstarter campaign was launchedthe first used to fund a film in Sudan — to help the team adapt the talk into a short film, Our Sudan, with the transcript of Hilal’s talk spoken by Sudanese youth of various tribes and backgrounds. Soon, the project surpassed its fundraising goal by over £2,000.

“The video Our Sudan is designed to inspire young Sudanese in Sudan and the diaspora to think differently about themselves and their future,” reads the film’s Kickstarter page. “Sudan’s youth need to start to re-imagine Sudan and its future — to believe that things can be different and that it is in their power to make that difference.”

After success on Kickstarter, the film was made and launched online at the beginning of June, just a day before Dafa-Alla traveled to Scotland to represent TEDxKhartoum at TEDGlobal and only a month after TEDxKhartoum’s 2013 event was unexpectedly shut down by the Sudanese government.

“In less than 3 weeks … the total views are [over 39,000] so far,” Dafa-Alla tells the TED Blog, “and it sparked huge conversation in our community, particularly among the youth … As a TED volunteer translator and TEDx organizer, I find this worth spreading since it reflects what we are doing on the ground. And it might inspire others from the TED/TEDx community to do the same.”

Watch the film above, and read more about TEDxKhartoum at their website, or on their Facebook or Twitter.

TEDxKhartoum holds first TEDx workshop in Sudan

Written by Anwar Dafa-Alla, TEDxKhartoum organizer


October 13th, 2012 marked the first TEDx workshop for TEDx organizers in Sudan, organized by the team at TEDxKhartoum. The workshop’s main objective was to share knowledge, share experiences and to expand the TEDx community in Sudan, which has been growing rapidly after tremendous success during the past seven events in the country.


During the workshop, presentations were given by the TEDxKhartoum core team to more than 75 attendees, representing all licensed TEDx events in Sudan. Four of these presenters have spoken at TEDx events before.

To open the event, the organizer of TEDxKhartoum and the president of SudanTED organization (a non-profit resource for TEDx organizers in Sudan), Anwar Dafa-Alla spoke on the “TEDx Spirit” — an overview about TEDx in Sudan, as well as how attending a TED conference can impact a TEDx organizer.


The workshop also included presentations on how to translate TEDx talks through the universal subtitling program, Amara, and tips on venue selection, event planning, organization, social media, and video production.

Salome Heusel, deputy director of TEDx, talked to the group through Skype to congratulate them on their achievements and recognize the hard work of the many TEDx’ers in Sudan.

“I enjoyed the work and it was very useful and beneficial,” said Amna Yousif Hamid, new member joining TEDxKhartoum organizing team.

By the end of the event, Bashayer H. Hammad, a final-year medical student and the licensee of TEDxWadMadani, was moved to ponder the meaning of the TEDx movement. “With TEDx, the sky is the limit, there are absolutely no boundaries to limit your imagination,” she said. “It’s a community within which you can “be.” One of the greatest things about TEDx is that the doors are open for everyone. Everyone can join and evolve through a wonderful journey in the world of ideas.”

With that, we can truly say the first TEDx workshop in Sudan was a success, and hopefully it will not be the last.