You’ve probably heard of kombucha tea — that bubbly, fermented, sorta vingeary drink lining the shelves of your health food store. But did you know it can make clothes?

If you’re science-loving fashion designer Suzanne Lee, you know. She coaxes the bacteria in the drink to expel a material for designing clothes.

How? "Tea, sugar, a few microbes and a little time," she says in her talk at TED2011. “I’m essentially using a kombucha recipe,” she says, “which is a symbiotic mix of bacteria, yeasts and other micro-organisms, which spin cellulose in a fermentation process. Over time, these tiny threads form in the liquid into layers and produce a mat on the surface.” Watch the whole talk here»

Above, some of Suzanne’s creations made from her kombucha-based material as part of the BioCouture research project.

And for a super cool complement to this talk, check out this talk from TEDxVienna about fabric … you spray on.

(All photos Suzanne Lee & BioCouture)

Ideas worth spreading & mugs worth filling: We can’t get enough of this video of TEDxJeddah's super cool event swag — a seemingly regular coffee mug that transforms when filled with hot liquid, a.k.a. the TEDx version of Clark Kent in a phone booth.

Fitting in with the event’s theme,  iجدة_الحلم #عندي_فكرة — or in English — “The idea; the dream,” the mug visualizes ideas being put into the world, showing that a good idea, dream, or brainstorm has great potential to create change (with style). Check it out!

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