Three TEDxChange events to look out for:


TEDxChange is happening on April 3rd. 200 events around the world will be livestreaming the main TEDxChange event in Seattle as part of the annual collaboration between the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and TEDx — furthering the discussion of global health and development started at the very first TEDxChange in 2010.

Here are three events to check out this year:

TEDxDubaiChange; Dubai, UAE. TEDxDubai will be livestreaming TEDxChange at the Dubai International Financial Centre in Dubai. Local speakers include Dr. Shiblu Shamsudeen, one of the co-founders and former president of the Emirates Medical Students’ Society, and a leader in improving public and reproductive health programs in India, the UAE and the USA. Shiblu is also one of the 100 Young Leaders with Women Deliver 2013 working towards achieving the UN Millennium Development Goals and towards the empowerment of women worldwide. Learn more about this event here.

To prepare for TEDxChange 2013, the team behind TEDxDubai asked leaders to describe what “positive disruption” means to them.
Below, Jeff Singer, CEO of DIFC, on crowdfunding, his favorite positive disruption:

Jeff Singer - CEO DIFC AUTHORITY | TEDxDubaiChange 2013 from Giorgio Ungania on Vimeo.

TEDxFukuokaChange; Fukuoka, Japan. Organizers Joe Okubo and Eriko Tsukamoto are banding together to bring TEDxChange to the masses in Japanese. On April 3rd, TEDx will send the English archive of the main event in Seattle to Joe and Eriko in Fukuoka, and they will use their amazing mastery of language to translate all of the talks into Japanese to share with their audience at TEDxFukuokaChange the very next day — April 4! Learn more about this event here.

TEDxButtePublicLibraryChange; Butte, Montana, United States. If you didn’t already believe libraries could change the world, you definitely will now. In Montana, Butte Public Library will be putting aside story time for a special, completely free showing of TEDxChange. If you’re anywhere near Butte on the 3rd, make sure to stop by. Learn more about this event here.

Want to attend a TEDxChange event? There are 200 TEDxChange events happening in 65 countries. Find one near you.

The three best reasons to watch the TEDxChange livestream

TEDxChange, happening on April 5, is being livestreamed all over the world on and April 5 is a Thursday, which means that you’re probably at work with a bunch of meetings to attend. Lucky for you, the program is only 90 minutes, and it’s worth it — so reschedule your calls and take a long lunch break. The livestream airs at 5:30pm CEST (Berlin time), which translates to 12:30am Tokyo time, 9pm Mumbai time, 3:30pm in Dakar, 12:30pm in Brasilia, 11:30am Eastern and 8:30am Pacific time.

Here are three reasons (among many!) you should attend:

Get a grip on our biggest challenges. We hear a lot about how technology has made the world a very small place. At the same time, the solutions to common problems like climate change and global poverty seem overwhelmingly complex. “The Big Picture” is the theme for this year’s event, and the program will help all attendees understand the innovative solutions that can, for example, address issues of sustainability and social entrepreneurship at the same time. It’s a great way to get a handle on these almost incomprehensible problems.

TEDxChange is everywhere. With nearly 200 events in 66 countries, there’s a pretty good chance there is a viewing event near you. Find an event near you.

Melinda Gates, Jeff Chapin, Sven Giegold, Theo Sowa and Baaba Maal. Ok, they technically make it seven reasons — but they’re all speaking.  Sven Giegold is a European parliamentarian and green industry advocate; Jeff Chapin is a product designer for IDEO; and Theo Sowa is interim CEO of the African Women’s Development Fund. Never seen Senegalese singer Baaba Maal perform? You should — and here’s your chance.

Three TEDxChange events to look out for

TEDxChange is happening on April 5th — nearly 200 events from around the world are taking part in the livestream from Berlin, to be shown on and at 5:30 PM CEST.

Here are three events to check out:

TEDxChisinauChange; Chisinau, Moldova. Featuring five local speakers who will focus on the theme: “Take the Challenge, Be the Change”. Learn more about this event

TEDxKhartoumChange; Khartoum, Sudan. Organizer Anwar Dafa-Alla has worked hard on the guest list for his event, looking carefully for “people who can openly listen and discuss the possibilities” of how to change the world. He adds that TEDxChange is “always a great chance to stay connected with the global network of phenomenal people.”

TEDxSowetoChange; Soweto, South Africa. Local speakers include Lee Swan, the first South African (and African) woman to reach the magnetic North Pole. The event will also be tackling major questions such as, “Why, as the developing world, should [African countries] continue to look to the West for our development needs?” Learn more about this event

Want to attend a TEDxChange event? There are TEDxChange events happening in 66 countries. Find one near you.