Re-imagining the city — worldwide: TEDxCity2.0 goes global

Just a few days ago, at over 100 TEDxCity2.0 events — in 48 countries  — global citizens gathered together in schools, cultural centers, theaters — even a city street — to dream the city of the future.

When 70% of the world’s population live in urban areas (the year 2050, according to the UN) what will these cities look like? How will we grow our food? Power our homes? Travel?

These questions are what TEDxCity2.0 events set out to answer. Above, snapshots from some of the dozens of events across the globe — including ones in Shanghai, Austin, Milan, Melbourne, and Trieste.

(Photos: Instagram users @visionary_lifestyle_guide, @couldyoujustnot, @stecq, @kaseykitz, @breeaea & TEDx organizers)

Designing the city of the future: 5 more great TEDxCity2.0 posters

TEDxCity2.0 day is today! All over the world, TEDxCity2.0 events are re-imagining the cities we live in and dreaming solutions for the cities of the future alongside TEDCity2.0 in New York. 

Before the event, TED challenged organizers to remix the official TEDCity2.0 posters (made by design firm Kiss Me I’m Polish) to give them some local flavor — with really impressive results. 

Below, five more stand-out posters from these events:

1. TEDxSkolkovo, Moscow, Skolkovo, Russia
imageAndrey Egorov, organizer:
The skyscrapers represent new Moscow — Skolkovo has already become a part of Moscow — [while] the monument Rabochiy i Kolkhoznitsa is a part of Moscow’s past, representing the ideals of development. It was built for the 1937 World’s Fair in Paris.

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Tomorrow…watch the city of the future unfold — LIVE!

What are you doing tomorrow? If you are like us, you will be joining over 130 TEDxCity2.0 events all over the world  — in places like London, Vancouver, Egypt, and Bolivia — in a global conversation about the city of the future.

What’s TEDxCity2.0, you ask?
Well, deep in the heart of New York City, TED is throwing this big TEDCity2.0 event — a day-long tribute to the places (cities!) that, according to the UN, 70% of the world’s population will inhabit by 2050. At TEDCity2.0, over 20 speakers — experts in everything from architecture to transportation to sanitation — will share big ideas about collaborative action and sustainable solutions for urban innovation.

And while TED takes over New York,
in 43 countries across the globe, local thinkers, doers, and changemakers will gather together in their own cities at TEDxCity2.0 events to watch TEDCity2.0 and envision the city of the future with TED.

Want to dream with them? Join big thinkers at a TEDxCity2.0 event near you, or chime in virtually by watching the TEDCity2.0 livestream for free at

You can follow all the TEDxCity2.0 fun with our Twitter list of all the TEDxCity2.0 events, and by following the hashtags #TEDxCity and #TEDxCity2 on Twitter and Instagram!

 (Photo via the TED Blog)