Three TEDxChange events to look out for:


TEDxChange is happening on April 3rd. 200 events around the world will be livestreaming the main TEDxChange event in Seattle as part of the annual collaboration between the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and TEDx — furthering the discussion of global health and development started at the very first TEDxChange in 2010.

Here are three events to check out this year:

TEDxDubaiChange; Dubai, UAE. TEDxDubai will be livestreaming TEDxChange at the Dubai International Financial Centre in Dubai. Local speakers include Dr. Shiblu Shamsudeen, one of the co-founders and former president of the Emirates Medical Students’ Society, and a leader in improving public and reproductive health programs in India, the UAE and the USA. Shiblu is also one of the 100 Young Leaders with Women Deliver 2013 working towards achieving the UN Millennium Development Goals and towards the empowerment of women worldwide. Learn more about this event here.

To prepare for TEDxChange 2013, the team behind TEDxDubai asked leaders to describe what “positive disruption” means to them.
Below, Jeff Singer, CEO of DIFC, on crowdfunding, his favorite positive disruption:

Jeff Singer - CEO DIFC AUTHORITY | TEDxDubaiChange 2013 from Giorgio Ungania on Vimeo.

TEDxFukuokaChange; Fukuoka, Japan. Organizers Joe Okubo and Eriko Tsukamoto are banding together to bring TEDxChange to the masses in Japanese. On April 3rd, TEDx will send the English archive of the main event in Seattle to Joe and Eriko in Fukuoka, and they will use their amazing mastery of language to translate all of the talks into Japanese to share with their audience at TEDxFukuokaChange the very next day — April 4! Learn more about this event here.

TEDxButtePublicLibraryChange; Butte, Montana, United States. If you didn’t already believe libraries could change the world, you definitely will now. In Montana, Butte Public Library will be putting aside story time for a special, completely free showing of TEDxChange. If you’re anywhere near Butte on the 3rd, make sure to stop by. Learn more about this event here.

Want to attend a TEDxChange event? There are 200 TEDxChange events happening in 65 countries. Find one near you.

TEDxYouth@EISJ: We Are One

Martin Luther King once said, “We have learned to fly the air like birds and swim the sea like fish, but we have not learned the simple art of living together as brothers.” As we continue to evolve and as our population continues to expand, I believe that this quote remains as true as ever.

In a world with seven billion people who speak more than 6,000 languages, the concept of unity has been hard to grasp.

Our teacher thought of the theme “We Are One” for TEDxYouth@EISJ, our TEDxYouthDay event. Our teacher felt that we needed to embrace our togetherness. But I’ll admit that while I was eager to participate in an event that allowed my opinions to be voiced, the idea of unity never occurred to me as anything of serious importance.

However, as the weeks progressed, our group of students began to work closely with one another. We divided ourselves into various action groups, such as promotion, public relations, stage curation, and so on. Each group assigned a group leader. Over the following weeks, we worked hours on end to make the event the success that it was, with all of us suggesting ideas about how to raise funds, what issues needed to be addressed, and which methods we would use to publicize the event.

Throughout our organizing process, none of us fully acknowledged why we were working with the topic “We Are One.” Before the event, many of us even spoke about the importance of unity and harmony in a society, but I don’t think we actually felt the impact of that concept until the moment the curtains parted and we saw the beaming looks on the faces of our audience and heard the sound of applause. It was then, at the start of our event on November 20th, 2011, that we understood the degree to which we had truly become one in the organization of this event.

Although the event is now over, it is something that I feel blessed to have been a part of. My experiences with TEDxYouth@EISJ are playing a huge role in the person that I want to become. The event allowed me to realize that I want to be a voice for future generations, and that I want to make change in the society that we live in. This does not mean that I’m going to change the world overnight, but the lessons learned through the event allowed me to see that I need to start with small steps in order to one day take a giant leap.

TEDxYouth@EISJ was an incredible journey — something so much bigger than us.

Written by Wafa Junaid, an official TEDxYouth@EISJ reporter.

TEDxYouth@EISJ: An Astounding Event!

On Sunday, November 20th, 11 speakers and 10 performers –- all students — kept us glued to the theater’s chairs with their astounding speeches and musical performances.

In the theater foyer there were activities that reflected the global theme of “Play, Learn, Build & Share.”

TEDxYouth@EISJ earned rave reviews from both students and teachers:

It was one of the best students functions that I have ever attended in my years of teaching. I had planned on leaving after the first interval, however I was so emotionally attached that I couldn’t bring myself to go. - Ms. Sara Evans

Without doubt the best school presentations I have ever witnessed. - Mr. Peter Dennehy, Business and Economics Teacher

I definitely felt connected to all the participants and enjoyed the very personal material that they shared. Fantastic job! It was inspiring and kept me thinking all night. - Ms. Assya Makawi, Art subject leader 

Students were absolutely fabulous last night. I was impressed by the variety of talents on display.  All of the students made EIS – J proud last night. - Mrs. Amber Singh, Deputy Principal Curriculum

WOW! I cannot find the words to describe my experience last night. - Mrs. Barbara Exley, Deputy Principal Welfare

I‘m still in awe of the musical performances and the ability and depth of thought that our students demonstrated in the presentations, I’m still emotional. I sincerely thank the teaching team  for giving up so much of their time so our students could experience last evening, they will remember that for a long time. Well done. - Mr. Phillip Burgess, Principal

I started this project because I wanted to have a CAS experience and something special to put in my college application but after being in it I enjoyed so much, I had so much fun  that I didn’t even think of those elements any more. - Samia Merchant, 12th grade student

It was so special. We made it! - Nikhil Punwaney, TEDxYouth@EISJ team leader

We will miss our TEDx meetings! Let’s have some more. - Nessma Djouri, TEDxYouth@EISJ stage curator