Where are all the women speakers at TED?

At TEDGlobal this year, TED producer June Cohen posed a question that has her stumped: Where are the women speakers?

She’s been asking this question since before she joined TED, and at the TEDx Workshop at TEDGlobal, she explained why she’s still asking it now. The main reason, she believes, is that women are more likely to say no. When turning down an offer to speak, women often say “I’m not ready,” citing a lack of experience or under-developed research.    

There are plenty of other reasons as well, from different leadership styles to skewed recommendations, but, here, June offers three tactics to help change the ratio.

Below, June explains how we’re solving this imbalance here at TED:

Plus, a few other highlights from the TEDx Workshop at TEDGlobal:

Today in cool science news: Sounds from space! Voyager 1 leaves the solar system, sends back an eerie interstellar song

image(Photo: An artist’s rendering of the general locations of Voyager 1 and 2. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech)

Many years ago, NASA’s Voyager 1 left Earth. And now, on a recent star trek, the craft departed our solar system, moved past cosmic purgatory (a real thing), entered interstellar space, and brought home supernatural sounds of the beyond (cue Twilight Zone music).

How did Voyager 1 hear this deep, dark area of space? Via plasma! While traveling through the space between the stars, Voyager 1 recorded vibrations made by the very, very dense plasma of interstellar space, and sent back to Earth the very first recordings of the sound caused by this über-dense ionized gas, which you can hear for yourself in the video below:

To celebrate this grand achievement. 2 TEDx Talks on the wonders of space exploration:

Tour the solar system from home: Jon Nguyen at TEDxSanDiego
Not all of us can board a spacecraft to tour the universe. At TEDxSanDiego, NASA engineer Jon Nguyen demos NASA’s "Eyes on the Solar System" software — a free-to-use program that allows users to navigate our solar system without ever having to leave home. Look out for a Voyager 1 cameo at the 5-minute mark.

A sense of place from space: Joseph P. Allen at TEDxSonomaCountry.
Ever want to know what it’s like to walk around in space? At TEDxSonomaCounty, astronaut Joseph Allen walks you through daily life on the International Space Station:

3 TEDx Talks to freak you out for Friday the 13th

It’s Friday the 13th! And, admit it, you’re a little creeped out. Just for fun on this peril-fraught day, here are three weird, bizarre, and slightly spooky TEDx Talks.

Enter another dimension with this haunting art video made for TEDxCopenhagen. The weird audio-visual is up for interpretation…a winter pine forest and an endless ventilation duct?

What makes Psycho’s shower scene so scary? In this talk at TEDxUCLA, researcher Dan Blumenstein explains the sounds that put our hair on end.

And finally, a creepy UFO drum because, well, ALIENS:

Above, TEDxWarwick speaker Fabian Oefner’s visualized sound waves, which are brought to life in the stunning video below, which just so happens to be a TV advert:

LG OLED TV from Duroo Productions on Vimeo.

See more of Fabian’s art at his website, and — below— check out his entire talk, in which he explains how he brought these tiny crystals to life: